My background

The Alpha Zulu Recruitment agency was created after witnessing too many drawn out, bureaucratic processes that hindered people from making decisions on what recruiters are hired to do – source talent & secure their services for great companies, and serve the job seeking community through locating and negotiating career opportunities

Becci Dobaczewski – Owner and Founder

Starting my career in Customer Service & Marketing, I was quickly exposed to the recruitment industry as I was responsible for hiring fresh talent for my team. I soon found the process to be long winded and protracted, with plenty of broken promises along the way. Recruiters and Company Exec’s failing to agree a process upfront, meaning the candidate and hiring manager suffered – which of course adversely affected our customers.

After over 10 years in the corporate arena I moved into recruitment, providing me an outlet for my passion to be part of an individual’s career and build great teams.

Recruitment is an industry built on trust and follow through, but all too often it is the simple things that stand in the way of great service and awesome results. Making those unnecessary calls to meet a KPI, or booking in interviews to get your numbers up.

So, this is why Alpha Zulu Recruitment has been created. We don’t work to KPI’s requiring ineffective calls to be made or be completely hamstrung by ‘red tape’. Alpha Zulu Recruitment are able to adapt to your needs, we are fluid and customisable as we work across vast sectors and demographics. Most of all, we are focused on finding the right talent for the right companies, to make that long lasting relationship and bring success to all those involved.