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The inspiration behind the business name is a rescue dog named Zulu From her humble beginnings in a shelter as a young pup in the United Kingdom, to her long life of contentment.

She was a beautiful soul that shared many memories and special occasions throughout her 15 years.

Alpha Zulu Recruitment hopes to replicate that relationship by providing long term, loyal employees who can share in your major business milestones.

To reflect on the deep connection you can build with rescued animals, Alpha Zulu Recruitment will be partnering with DCH Animal Adoptions. Through this involvement we will be donating funds for necessary vet visits and also supplies for the animals while they wait for their forever homes.


DCH was formed in 2005 by a group of experienced animal rescuers whose aim was to provide a foster care based, no kill rescue group, saving dogs, cats and

horses from death row in council pounds and shelters. By providing in home, real world, temperament testing, their goal is to match up animals with the most suitable new home for them and ensure they aren’t dumped again. They are entirely volunteer run and have around 50 active foster carers at any one time. They work throughout Sydney, Blue Mountains and Wollongong and rescue animals from pounds throughout NSW.

To date DCH have rescued over 4,000 animals (1653 dogs, 2696 cats, 69 horses)

They also have over 100 animals currently awaiting adoption. If you can help, please visit:

Their website: